Mesa Family Advocacy Center

The Mesa Family Advocacy Center -- where criminal justice joins forces with helping professions -- where police and social workers, prosecuting attorneys and on-site physicians work together to reduce the trauma of physical and sexual abuse -- where victimization is transformed into empowerment.

As the lead agency for the Mesa Family Advocacy Center, the Mesa Police Department has designed a unique, community-oriented, collaborative approach to investigating and intervening in domestic violence, adult and child sexual/physical abuse cases. Working with Department of Child Safety, the officers of the Mesa Police Department are specifically trained to be sensitive to, and knowledgeable of, the trauma of family violence cases of sexual/physical abuse of adults and children.

The Mesa Family Advocacy Center has on-scene crisis intervention from trained Victim Services personnel; medical attention is provided on-site to physical and sexual assault victims; and one-time video interviews are done with victims to avoid retraumatization.  Five agencies (government and non-profit) work in complete cooperation, in one location.

In response to enacted legislation, officers housed at the Center are also responsible for notifying and educating the community about the release of convicted sex offenders.

"The biggest step toward the healing process was being empowered by the police, thanks for doing what you do."


Today, the Mesa FAC has two squads handling sex crimes/child crimes (18 total detectives), one Sex Offender Notification unit (SONET) of 4 a computer forensic unit of 5 people, Missing Persons Unit, Victim Services Unit, and a new unit specifically developed to combat exploitation and trafficking. All detectives who investigate child crimes are forensically trained.  The Department of Child Safety has six positions and a supervisor on site and investigators from the Office of Child Welfare Investigation (OCWI) are on site as well.


"Simply put, your performance on our behalf was awesome, we could not have asked for more. You are the answer to many heart felt prayers."

The forensic exams are split with contracts between Honor Health Care and Phoenix Children's Hospital, and are on an “on call” agreement.  We now have two full exam rooms and all exams are on site. We now partner with San Tan Behavioral Health Services who provides free short-term counseling for victims of crime.


We have volunteer opportunities from clerical to crisis intervention. Please call 480.644. for 2036 more info on how to get involved.

"Your pursuit for justice and desire to protect the public are indeed hallmarks of your profession."


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