Abuse Statistics

2014 advocacy center statistics

The Arizona Child Fatality Review Program,
Fourteenth Annual Report, November 2007 states:

The percentage of all child deaths that were due to maltreatment increased from four percent in 2005 to five percent in 2006. There were 60 maltreatment deaths identified by the teams in 2006 compared to 50 in 2005. In 50 percent of the maltreatment deaths in 2006, drugs and/or alcohol problems were identified, including 19 deaths that were associated with methamphetamines.

Eighty-eight percent of the children who died due to maltreatment were living with their parents at the time of their deaths

For 65 percent of maltreatment deaths, there was no evidence of any reports to Arizona Child Protective Services prior to the fatal maltreatment. In 2006, nine infants died due to Shaken Baby Syndrome. This is the highest number of Shaken Baby Syndrome deaths ever reported by the teams and is three times higher than the number reported in 2005.

Summary of Key Findings

Advocacy Centers: Before & After

The following statistics give you an idea of the huge impact an advocacy center can make.

Case Time: 12+ hours to complete a case down to 3-4 hours to complete a case

Time in ER: 8-10 hours down to 1-2 hours in the ER

Advocate Availability: Instead of offsite referrals an Advocate is now immediately available

Conviction Rate: 42% conviction rate up to 64% conviction rate

Turndown Rate: 50% case turndown rate now down to 7% turndown rate

Multiple Interviews: 91% multiple interviews now down to 8% multiple interviews

Sex Offenders Tracked: 11% sex offenders tracked up to 90% sex offenders tracked